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Twenty Days of Arthurian Books

The List

Day Thirteen: Knights of the Round Table: Gawain by Gwen Rowley

Write ten points about why you liked this book:

  1. It’s a very good retelling of the Gawain/Ragnell romance
  2. It focuses on Gawain and Ragnell equally instead of one over the other
  3. It doesn’t shy away from Ragnell being transformed into an old woman the way other retellings seem to do
  4. Morgan is the cool aunt
  5. Lancelot is an ass hole
  6. Ragnell trolls Arthur’s court— especially Lancelot
  7. The romance between Gawain and Ragnell is really sweet and genuine
  8. The riddle is actually utilized and the answer is a theme in the book
  9. Bedivere and Lancelot were separate characters 
  10. Ragnell is really good at trolling Arthur’s court (I’m sorry, but this was the best part)

Would you recommend this book?  Why?: Yes, for all the reasons stated above.  This is a really good version of the Gawain/Ragnell romance that really hits upon the important themes from the original story and doesn’t shy away from aspects that seem to get lost in modern retellings.  The characters are strong, the plot enjoyable…  It was a fun book.  I highly recommend it.  

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